RMTs have been given a green light to resume their practices as of May 28th, as long as they are able to meet the requirements of CMTO and Ministry of Health. The opening said to be gradual, prioritizing clients with essential care needs, meaning the client’s overall health or function would considerably decline if treatment was not provided. The benefits of the treatment should outweigh the risk to the client and the RMT when considering whether or not to provide the treatment. 

Here are the new requirements that I will be implementing in my practice in order to help you feel safer and more confident as you access massage therapy care during this unprecedented time.

  • Virtual prescreening will be taking place before booking an appointment. If you do not pass the basic COVID -19 screening, I can not provide the treatment.You will be advised to self-isolate and complete online self-assessment tool before calling Telehealth Ontario at 1-866-797-0000
  • Arive alone and as close to the appointment time as possible.
  • Everyone entering the clinic space must be wearing a clean disposable surgical/procedure mask (not cloth). If you do not have one, I will provide it for you. You must keep it on throughout the treatment. If you can not do so due to medical or other reasons i will not be able to provide the treatment at this time. 
  • Hand washing/sanitization (alcohol-based sanitizer at 60%-90%) is required upon arrival and after the treatment is complete. Gloves are not a substitute for proper hand washing.
  • Immediately prior to the appointment, clients will be self screened to ensure their health status has not changed. There will be COVID – 19 questionnaire on the clinic door which you must answer “NO” to all of the points listed in order to enter and proceed with the massage appointment. If you answered “YES” to at least one, you may not enter the clinic and your appointment will be rescheduled. You will be advised to self-isolate for at least 14 days. 
  • If you have gone through the screening successfully and enter the clinic, yet exhibit signs and symptoms consistent with COVID – 19, the treatment will be discontinued and rescheduled. 
  • I am going to go through self screening prior to the appointment as well and if I do not pass, I will not be able to provide the treatment. 
  • Please try to touch as little surfaces as possible. To help avoid that, items that are not necessary in order to achieve treatment outcomes will be removed from the treatment area. 
  • In addition to routine cleaning & disinfection procedures (massage table, face cradle, arm rest, stool, oil bottles, pillow cases) high touch surfaces (doorknobs, light switches, washrooms including toilet handles, counters, handrails, and electronics) will be cleaned & disinfected after every client. 
  • I will be closely following CMTO guidance updates as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. 

As per College of Massage Therapists of Ontario “COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists

Version date May 27, 2020 

COVID-19 Pandemic – Practice Guidance for Massage Therapists Version date: May 27, 2020 – Guidance will be updated as COVID-19