Arrival 10-15 minutes prior to your first appointment will allow us to have enough time to complete a confidential health history questionnaire as well as a consent form. In order to provide safe and effective treatment, the session will include a thorough intake and assessment, which could include postural, range of motion testings or any relevant orthopedic special tests pertaining to your complaint. An assessment may be performed before and/or during and/or after the massage treatment. Bringing comfortable loose fitting wear (shorts, tank top) which will allow you to move freely is very beneficial to the proper assessment. We will discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing, such as pain, discomfort, limitations of your daily functions. I will revue any medications you might be taking, since it can alter the massage session time, massage techniques. positioning on the table, etc. I will explain how we are going to proceed with the massage session for today’s treatment, explain your positioning on the table and give you some time to get on the table without any rush so you feel as comfortable as possible. Should you need any help adjusting the pillows or blankets, i will be there to help when i return back into the room to start the massage treatment.

During the massage treatment you may undress to your level of comfort, and proper draping is assured at all times. Following the treatment we will discuss the ongoing treatment plan and recommend hydrotherapy as well as remedial exercise that you can perform at home on your own that will compliment your treatment and help you to recover from the injury. At any point of your appointment you can feel free to ask me questions and i will do my best to answer to the best of my knowledge.